Kira is a Russian pole artist from Saint Petersburg.

She started pole dancing in 2008. She doesn't have any gymnastic or professional dance background, but she has a huge passion to pole. Kira had 9 years of Music School in childhood what explains her love to musicality.

After 2 years of practicing in Trash PDS she started to teach and compete in Russia, then in Europe and

then in the world.. Kira has competed in Pole Sport, Pole Art, Pole Doubles and Exotic Pole. Since 2012

she is traveling around the world, teaching workshops, judging competitions and performing in different

shows. In 2015 she became working in double with Evgeny Greshilov and together they perform in big

dance-circus shows.

Her brightest awards are:

- Winner of Pole Classic 2016 by Pole Expo, Las Vegas

- Ultimate Champion at International Pole Championship IPC 2015 in double category, Hong Kong

- Winner of Pole Art Cyprus 2014

- Finalist of International Pole Championship IPC 2013, Singapore

- Winner and Miss Attitude of Battle of the Pole 2013, Stockholm