From when can I register?

From White Monday, June 1st 2020 at 20:00 Uhr At the Steel on Fire championship we are fully booked after only 10 minutes. So if you want to start in your favourite category, you should register in time. Why register one year in advance? It's just apreliminary announcement. Because the date and the categories are completely new for us and we want to see if the championship will arrive at this date. The invoice for the championship fee will not arrive until December and then you have to pay. Otherwise the place will be released again in January. The registration is only safe when the payment is received.

How soon do I have to register?

From experience we know that the seats are always fully booked within the first hour. You should register quickly if you still want to have a starting place in your dream category.

Do I have to apply with a video?

No, you don't. Anyone can start at our Championship. You just have to register inyour desired category in time.

Which is the right category for me?

You have to decide exactly what you want, what you can do and where you want to participate. Please make sure you read the rules completely BEFORE you register. The categories are very differentand a re-registration is NOT possible for organisational reasons.

Where can I find the rules?

right here

I have read the rules and still do not know where to register. What next?

You can register in any category you wish. You can also start in several categories. For example in singles at Exotic, as a double and also in team. If you still don't konw, than please ask your coach for help. She / He will be able to assess you bestand advise you on your category.

I am over 40 or over 50, where can I start?

You can start in every category except for the children. Additionally we offer the two Masters 40+ categories. Lighter elements are needed there.

I'm a man, where can I start?

You can start in every category except Kids. There is no extra man category.

When can I start buying tickets?

From the first of January, ticket sales will be open.

Where can I buy the tickets?

We sell the tickets through a ticket partner. The information and the link will be published in time. But we will also link the page under TICKETS.

What seats are available?

Front table rows: A-tickets Middle table rows: B-tickets Rear chairseats: C-tickets Prices: Tickets .

I have not yet received an invoice!

The bill does not arrive until December. Please wait that long. Please always check your spam folder. We like to slide into that.

Which music may I use?

Our championship is registered at the GEMA. That's why you can use pretty much any music you want. The music may of course contain lyrics and need not be instrumental. There are songs that are not registered with the GEMA, mostly smaller bands or private artists. If you want to use these songs, you should get the written permission to do so. Since the music is intended to do justice to a family audience, no vulgar languages in GERMAN should be includelike:"I love f. . . you on the kitchen table". or something racist. If it's an English song, with words like "Fuck"; or "Bitch"; or something similar, it's no problem, you are welcome to use that. However, here too, no racist texts apply. Otherwise, go crazy.

Unfortunately I did not get a place this year, what now?

Then put yourself on the waiting list. There are still people jumping off and then the people on the waiting list can step in. There will still be many more to come.